Friday, December 18, 2009

.25/.50 Going Well

Since the move up to the .25/.50 LHE level it has been going pretty well. Over 3100 hands I am running at 3bb/100, much better than what i was doing at the .10/.20 level. The play at the .25/.50 level is much more fit or fold. I either win the blinds with a raise or a get three bet. Not a whole lot of calling two bets cold, especially from someone not in one of the blinds. I have kicked up the aggression pretty well over the last 1000 hands as well to varying degrees of success. I think I have a better grasp now on when it works and when it is futile.

Below is my graph over all of my .25/.50 hands (click for full view)

I am still working on the free bonus on Full Tilt. I am clearing points a lot faster at the higher level but certainly not as fast as a NL player. I have cleared the first $10 of the bonus so far. Weekly rakeback payments are getting better as well.

In other odds and ends I won the Pokersluts Stud 8 last Sunday. Second win of the season in four events played (other was Stud). I think this is the second time I have won two stud variants in the same season. One of these seasons I will win the Lisandro trophy. One other note I am playing FTOPS $20 NLHE event on Friday afternoon. I used the FPP's I won towards the buy-in. I will probably nit it up and then lose near the end of the 3rd hour and fall 100 spots or so short of the money. Since this post is going up Friday night LOOK FOR ME NOW! If I'm still in I will be a very happy camper.

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  1. Heya snuffy... as I understand it, the FT bonus affects your MGR, so essentially you're trading rakeback for bonus. While that shouldn't stop you from putting in the hours, try not to let it affect whether you're too tired to play, etc... I had that happen to me in the past before I realized how useless the bonus was... ended up breaking even (and even down once) trying too hard to clear that crap.
    On the other hand... looks like you're doing well at .5/.50... congrats, hope it keeps up!