Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sydney Mega-Satellite Recap

A bright an early 5am start for the mega. Approximately 1 in 7 people earn seats. There was a total of 33 runners for 4 seats. 5th-7th won their entry back and 8th received around $80. You started with 3k and 20 minute levels. Plenty of time.

Not much happened in the first level for me. I won one hand in a heads-up pot when I c-bet my 66 on a JJ8 flop. One of the first hands of the second level was when the fireworks stated. (click through for (replayer)

When he check raised the flop I put him on a hand like JJ QQ or KK. There is absolutely now way I can ever put him on an 8 in that spot based on the pre-flop action. I just don't think I can do anything there.

The very next hand I picked-up 88 and shipped, flopped a set and tripled up. Four hands later I had KJ from the BB in a min-raised 4-way pot and called. Flop comes K,4,3. I checked, original raiser bets 1/2 pot, next calls, fold, I shove, raiser folds and limper calls with A,3. My hand held and I had more than doubled to 1605 chips. I chipped up a bit after that and at the end of the first hour I had 2300.

In the second hour I had a good re-steal stack but never had a chance to do anything for the first 15 minutes. I finally picked up a hand, QQ and raised with one caller. A c-bet took it down on the flop. Three hands after that I was able to get the big double that I needed:

After that hand I had a top 10 stack and was back in the game. A actually picked-up AA the very next hand and won a smallish pot on the flop. I held steady for the next little while and right before the break and 100/200 I played the following hand:

Out in 16th. As NZ pointed out after the hand there was absolutely no reason why I shouldn't 3-bet pre-flop. That same player had been raising light. I knew it, but it never registered during the hand. I can take very little solace that I got it in as a slight favorite. Not no much to go on. Oh well, I think I will take 2 or 3 more shots at this before I need to think about what to do.

Thanks NZ for the opinions on my play. Helps a ton when you can bounce ideas off of someone and critique your play. he plans on playing the same thing Thursday. I will have to get up a little early and rail.

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