Friday, December 25, 2009


This time I'm not talking about a deal at the end of a poker tournament. This one is about the end of the fantasy football season. In my league it's $250 for 1st and $100 for 2nd. In just about every league that I play in we end up making a deal before the championship game. I really don't want $150 riding on a single fantasy football game. Case in point in my other league this year we each took $170 and played for the extra $10.

Now there are deals and then their are potential fuck jobs. This one is such the case. I sent my opponent three different offers. Split it even up, take $150 each and play for $50 or take $170 each and play for $10. Here is the offer I received back:

"Well, if you were willing to award me $50 for finishing first in the regular season, I'd be willing to do something like this. How about if I'm guaranteed $175, you get $125 and we play for the final $50?"

I would have to be the biggest retard in the world to accept that one. For only locking up $25 more I would never take that deal if I had to pick-up a roster today to start. Here was my response:

"I can't really do that, I'm too good at math to accept that one."

I sent him another offer where he gets $170 and me $150 but he shot it down. Well, karma has a way to get you back. After tonight's game I am up 46-0 after starting Rivers and Sproles. This league gives one point for every 25 return yards. Sproles is a great start in the league and tonight was one of those nights.

I hope to keep it rolling come Sunday.

On a poker related note I have already done the year in review. I guess that leaves a goals post for 2010. I may or may not get around to it before the new year. I am still working on a decade in review and another post on two live sessions I played the last two days and almost hitting a piece of the bad beat jackpot.

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