Friday, February 20, 2009

Worst Slowroll I Have Ever Witnessed

It happened when I was Mountaineer Race Track in West Virginia last night. I was in a 1/2 NL game.

In a limped pot the flop came 10c7d6d. Older guy in his late 50's leads at the pot for $10. Next person to act raises to $25. Third player 3-bets to $70. It rolls back to the 50's guy who pretty quickly ships $170 in the pot. Original raiser tanks. He tells the guy who 4-bet that "I know I have the best hand right now." 50's guy said you may have the best hand now. OK I know with 100% certainty that the old guy has a set. I know the original raiser has a set of 7's or 6's and is being beat by the older guy. He ends up shoving for around $250. The 3-bet guy really tanks now and eventually folds (later saying he flopped top 2). Old guy-insta calls. Here is where it gets interesting......

Original raiser flips over bottom set to show the older guy. Older guy sees his hand. Turn and river are the 3s and 2d completing a possible flush. Old guy stares at the set of 6's and says 'there are not too many hands that can beat you. Five seconds later he tables 77 for flopped middle set!!!

In amazement or stupidity the guy says absolutely nothing about the slowroll. Neither does the rest of the table. I mention it to the guy to my left and he wasn't sure what happened. I ask the older guy why he didn't show as soon as he saw the 66. He says, and I quote, "he could have hit the 6 and won." W T F ! ! !

Now the old dude is starting to piss ME off and tries to defend his actions. No can do. His last bit was that "nobody else at the table seemed to care." By the time he said that the rest of the table quietly started on him, although he couldn't hear it.

Completely douche move by a douche player who should have known better. Poker karma is gonna kick this dude in the balls sooner or later, that I can guarantee. I only wish I was there to witness it. I really hoped to slowroll him back but never got a chance to do so. Prick.

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