Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mountaineer Trip Report

I was in Pittsburgh for the week as was able to get over to Mountaineer in West Virginia on Thursday night for a little cash game action and a tournament. Part of the cash game action included my previous post on the worst slowroll I have ever seen. I sat down and played about 2 hours of 1/2 NL. Not my greatest performance.

I sat with $200 and quickly saw that dwindle below $100. I limped a few pots and called a few raises and never hit anything. When I did it was obvious by the turn that my hand was no good. The last hand where I lost the rest of my stack was where I called a smallish raise from the BB in a 3-way pot. I flopped bottom two and lead out. The rest got in on the turn. I had one caller who turned his middle pair into a higher two pair. After that I decided to re-buy with just $100.

After the reload and around $90 in my stack I picked-up AA in late position and after 2 limpers I raised it to $12. After 2 people cold called the limpers called and we took the flop 5 ways. Flop comes J52dd. I lead for $20 and had 2 callers. Turn brings a non-diamond Ace. I lead for $40 leaving myself around $20 or so and get 1 caller. River is a non-board pairing diamond. Resigned to my fate I put the last of my money in. He called but my set was still good. Back over $200.

I played for around an hour after than not picking anything up and left the table with around $150 in front of me for a total loss of $150. I walked over to the tournament desk and signed-up for the $60 tourney. They allotted 3 tables and I was #31 to sign-up. They opened another table and we started about 10 minutes into the tourney. For an extra $5 you received and extra t2000 on top of the t5000. Levels were 20 minutes long and had a great structure. The levels were:


The first double jump went from 1k/2k to 2k/4k. Not too bad.

Early on I was fortunate to pick up a couple hands and build my stack. In one hand I called a raise and flopped 2nd pair. Flop went check check. An overcard hit the turn and I called a smallish bet. He bet bigger when another overcard hit the river. It just looked like someone betting with air. I called and he turbo mucked. By the second level I was running over the table pretty well and had it to over 15k.

I made a really bad mistake and didn't change gears when I needed to. I doubled two people up and was all the way down to 5k before I knew it. I was able to slowly build back up and at the first break which was at the end of level 5 I worked my stack all the way to 16k. There were still 4 shorthanded tables left. The very first hand coming back from break I pick-up AA and raise to 2k. A short stack shoves for around 5k and the BB flats. I ship and BB calls all-in for around 8k. Short stack has 99 and BB has AQss. Flop all spades and I am down to 8k just like that. I remember texting Zooks at the break saying I just need the one double and I guarantee a top 3. Oops.

In short order though I was able to get back to my pre-break stack and was sitting OK. Throughout the levels I was building and before I knew it we were down to two tables. I was able to steal enough to hold my stack and when we reached the final table I had 24k. Two shorties busted fairly quickly in the same hand by the CL. Then the table slowed a ton. I was able to raise a hand per orbit to maintain. With the blinds at 2k/4k someone was gonna bust soon.

Soon came fairly quickly when the CL got it in with JJ vs two players. His hand held and just like that we were 6-handed. We did a save for the bubble bitch and it wasn't long before one busted and we were in the money.

After about two hands and the blinds jumping to 3k/6k we cut a deal. Here were the stacks at the time:

CL - 150k
2nd - 45k
3rd - 5th approx 20 - 30k

We decided to give the CL 1st place money and 2nd - 5th chopped up the rest which was $300, about 3rd place money. Good enough.

Cash games - ($150)
Tourney - $235

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