Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Entering the Matrix

So I took the red pill and said what the fuck, what could possibly go wrong, or was it the blue pill? Either way I've started grinding on these things at full tilt. And grind is defintately the best way to describe them. For the lifetime that I've been playing online poker I've been mostly a SNG player, harkening back to my early days at Party (RIP good friend). I like to play the turbos instead of the regular cause my attention span is naught for a sng that takes over an hour to play. I also found myself not concentrating enough on the 6 dollar variety but tilting to easy from the swings at the 11 dollar ones.

Enter the matrix. I know I am giving up some EV by playing these things but how much I'm not really sure. From what I can remember (I have HH but I have not gone through them nor have I installed pokertracker or the like) I have not been shut out yet in the 4. Which means the worst loss I have taken in them is about 8 bucks. On the flip side I think my largest win was about 31 bucks or so, a little better then second place money in a normal sng. On average I would say I'm between 18-25 bucks won, in the winning ones.

At this point I don't really see a reason to stop playing them. They do take a little longer to fill but I'm still done each set in less then an hour. Plus it gives me a nice respit from the cash games. Thoughts on these things from poker land?

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