Monday, February 23, 2009

online poker is so rigged

(click thru for the hand replayer)


  1. Wow. To be truly rigged, the jacks would win. Just sayin'.

  2. LOL! As I watched the action first thing out of my mouth was AA, KK and QQ and then after I saw 4th guy in I said JJ.

    So friggin obvious.

  3. Ha, funny thing is this exact same thing happened to me in a live tournament a couple weeks ago. 50/100 level and there was an EP limp, 7k stack shoves (!?!?) folds to me and I have JJ and fold. Lady next to me overshoves. BB tanks and folds QQ. It was AA vs KK. K flops.

  4. This would be a better replayer if the chat history was there. WTF? Fcking rigged? You have to be fcking kidding me?

    That would be nice.