Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Live Session

I had a couple hours to kill so I went over to the horse track. Live racing today so I had to park about 1/2 mile from the entrance. After I finally make it in the 1/2 NL game is seven deep. I sign up, get money, take a piss, then start wandering around. You wanted details right?

Walking by the tournament desk the announce 1 seat left for a $60 6-max sng. Sign me up! Breakdown is $49 to pool, $11 to house plus $5 dealer toke. Steep to say the least. Top two are paid. Blinds start at 25/50 with 3k stacks. 10 minute levels and binds double every time.

I was lucky to get the most competent and fast dealer, PJ, at the table. 1st hand I raise UTG to 150 with KcJc, 1 caller and bb raises to 475. Easy fold. Except I didn't. 3 ways to the flop and it comes A,x,x. Checked around. Turn brick and BB leads for 350. Fold and he shows JJ. Down to 2500 right away.

After that the deck hit me in the face to say the least. First big hand was AhQh OTB. UTG raises to 250 and I call and BB calls. Flop K,J,x with 2 clubs. BB checks and UTG leads for 250 again. I float and BB comes along. Turn binks a non-club 10. BB checks, UTG bets 600. I was looking to raise here but I see the BB already cutting out 600. I call, BB calls. River is an off-suit3. BB checks, UTG bets 600, I ship, BB folds his obvious flush draw, UTG calls with the set of 10's. Man down.

Rest of the tournament is breeze for me. Easy when you get QQ twice, KK (for a walk) AK, AJ, a7 flopping top 2, J5 flopping top 2, etc. We get heads-up and I give 2nd about 15 more than 2nd and we are done.

One really, really interesting rule I found out about. Someone raised and I asked how much the player had behind. In this room they are not allowed to count it. WTF is that. They can show you the stack but that's it. Never heard of this in my life.

After the sng I found the poker room manager and asked. 1st response is that the dealers are not allowed to touch the chips in a players stack. After more prodding he said that they do it so it doesn't slow the game down.

Has anyone ever heard of this in their local rooms?

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