Monday, September 21, 2009

Take 2 Week 3

I should just copy and past my results from week 2. I only played in 4 of the last 7 days with a significant amount of hands only one of the days. I played pretty much break even for the week, maybe turning a small profit. I can only miss 2 more days the rest of the way which should be doable. Probably will do the minimum this week as the intertube connection here in Washington, PA is pretty sketchy. See what happens when you are near West Virginia?

Not too many significant hands but one that I played today kinda sticks out. In a 10c 20c game its folded to the button who raises and I have AA in the SB and 3bet. BB folds and THE BUTTON FOLDS. Even if you are one a complete steal don't you call one more small bet and see you can flop something? Guess not.

I am near Wheeling Island where they have a poker room and casino so I may check it out later in the week. Based on my prior post about the room it looks like I will be playing some 2/4 LHE. I am sooo rolled for that game :) .

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