Thursday, September 24, 2009

Profitable Week

Pretty sure I was born to play slot machines for a living. Or at least it seems like it. I'm glad I found my future profession when I turn 70.

I went to Wheeling Island Tuesday night. I got there at 7pm or so, just after a tourney started. They had two tables of 2/4 running and 5 1/2 games going. I got an immediate seat in the 2/4 game. In the first lap I was in the cutoff and raised it with QQ and got 6 callers on an 8 handed table. Flop comes 234dd. Someone leads, I raise and 2 people call along with the original raiser. Turn is the 3d and it gets checked around. River is the 5d. I have the Qd. The bettor on the flop bets, I call and one other calls. Lady had a straight flush with the 9d6d. I guess having a $135k bad beat jackpot makes people play anything that could result in hitting it. After the hand the table started falling apart and after 1/2 hour we were down to 4 handed and the table broke. There was only one seat in the other 2/4 game so I called it a not for poker with a $33 loss.

Earlier in the night I signed-up for their player rewards card and received $10 in free play. I sat at a penny machine and promptly dusted that off in around 15 minutes. Probably would have only lasted 5 minutes if the damn spin button would have worked better. After that I walked over to an empty Pai Gow table and bought in for $40. The table minimum was $10. No fortune bonus, no dragon hand, no being the dealer. Straight Pai Gow. You know what's gonna happen, right?

I went 3-0-2 in my first 5 hands with trips twice and a boat once. Sure glad they didn't have the fortune bonus. New dealer comes in. First hand I picked up a hand I have never had before, 9875432, the worst hand possible. After that I went on a good run over about an hour or so and left up $45. Add that to the poker loss and I walked away with a $12 profit.

Fast forward to today I was able to get an extended session of 2/4 in. Extended for me at least. The day was mostly up and down. My low point was -40 and my high point was +50. After my last hand I was exactly at even. I ended up going over for a couple hands of Pai Gow before I hit the door and won $8. Ship it.

On the way back to the hotel we decided to head over to The Meadows for dinner. This place was gorgeous. It is a slot parlor with a harness track. Word is that they may get poker soon and table games shortly after that. If they do this will by far be the nicest place in the area. The place kinda reminded me of Fallsview Casino. Wheeling Island might as well shut their doors. They had a cash giveaway, $400 at 6:30 and $10k at 7pm. We got 5 entries each. You also had to put a little through the slots as well. I went to the Monopoly machine that treated me so well in New Orleans. This one as a nickel machine. I was gonna put a max of $10 through it. When I was down about $5 I won 510 credits. I played a while longer and cashed out up $10. I am a (winning) slot jockey.

Total profit for the trip was $30. Not a big win, but a win none the less.

Next trip with a casino is back to Detroit the week of October 19th.

P.S. - Almost forgot to add that I won a seat in the AIPS freeroll last night. Playing a freeroll razz tourney. Yes, it WAS as painful as it sounds. Good to hear from nzgreen again as he called in sick to work and played. He won a seat. Tough luck to Jerry who bubbled.

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