Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Did It!!!

It's the end of the Take 2 promotion on Full Tilt and I am happy to say that I made a healthy profit. Much like what djm182 posted the other day, I think this is the first time I have bonus whored and made a profit. All told the profit broke down as follows:

Actual Play - $28.40
Free Bonus Offer: $10.00
Take 2 Bonus: $50.00
Rakeback: $3.84

Total Profit: $92.24

Not too shabby for someone who split time between .10/.20 and .25/.50 LHE for the month. This bonus was really easy to clear. If I fired up 3-4 tables at a time at .10/.20 I had my point within a lap and a half and could quit if I chose to do so, which I did a lot. Here is the graph for the hands played:

(click to enlarge)

As you can see I had a very lengthy break even stretch. I was not watching the Deuces Cracked videos as much and my play really showed. Once I got back to watching over the last few sessions of the month the play started to improve. In talking to Zooks I think I did run really good on the month. I had AA 10 times in 3k hands and they held every single time. In limit that's practically impossible, but I did it.

What did I learn?

I definitely learned a lot over the month. The single greatest thing I learned was how to use my HUD stats on other people to my advantage. It allowed me to try steals a lot more in late position and it told me when to fold hands like AJ and QQ to raises and 3bets vs certain opponents. Another thing I learned was to be more aggressive in the hands that I do choose to play. Raise pre-flop to isolate a limper and cbet almost every flop.

What my stats tell me?

(click to enlarge)

My VPIP and PRF stats are pretty solid. I think I could raise more pots than I currently do. I should be raising the A6 and K8 hands when I am in the cutoff and hijack positions when its folded to me. My attempted to steal the blinds should be way higher. Similar to above I just need to open up more hands in later positions.

Overall I think it was a smashing success for me.


  1. Looks nice! Now add pot limit Omaha to the mix and watch the fur fly :-)

  2. Thats a pretty good profit for playing 25 nl. Keep up the good work, this is how guys like Durrrr and J-Man got their start in online poker.