Monday, September 28, 2009

Tis better to be lucky....

Meant to post up on Friday but got lazy and forgot. So you get some quality reading, er something like that, on this fine Monday morning. Starting with Tuesday, had a decent little session grinding on my PLO tables so decided to play Skillz which was PLO8. Played tight, don't remember much, before I knew it we were 4 handed. I think had 1 or 2 KO's then won a big pot 3 handed but couldn't capitalize HU. Actually there was a big hand HU where I think he had AA3x and I had A235 or something to that effect. It went all in pre and there was no low to be had so that pretty much crippled me but I hung around and for a little before dying.

Wednesday night had a nice winning PLO session and decdided to play the Mookie. Played it like shit. Played the AIPS Razz freeroll on Stars. Started A234 and was getting capped by someone with a 9 low draw on 4th and couldn't get there. Freely gave away my chips after that.

Thursday was an interesting day on many levels. Played hookey from work to go to AC. Met up with a buddy and decided to play the 10:15 turbo bounty at Harrah's, figuring if we both busted early we could hit another tourny before heading home. Only 30 people in, which is a little disappointing but a very winnable size. First hour was particularly quiet. Second hour won a big pot with 84os in the SB where I flopped trips and turned a boat. Not much going after that, things stagnated around 14 left, then picked up until we had 7 left, 2 from the bubble. Of course I had no bounites to this point and they stop paying bounties at the FT (no idea why). Any whore, we get to the bubble (6 handed) and I have 26K UTG, the blinds are 3k-6k and going up on the next hand to 4k-8k. I find A7dd and ship, of course a chick with 12K wakes up with AK and I cannot suck out. BREAK. Awesome I have to wait 10 minutes to bubble. Come back and I'm in the BB for 8K, 1 limper, I get a free look and check. Miss the flop, he shoves, I fold, he shows TP. Sweet 6k left in my SB for 4k. Folds to cutoff who shoves, I look (why I don't know), find A3 call-in, and see the cutoff has AQ. Flop A45....turn Q....river 2 baby! Up to 18k. Next hand folds to me OTB, shove with A4, BB calls with 88, flop an ace, it holds. B2B 3 outers FTW! Now we lose the bubble and 5 handed I'm try talking of a chop and I guess the CL was waiting for 1 more to go out, needless to say 2 bad beats and a race later he is out in 5th. Three handed it all comes to roost. I'm still talking chop on deaf ears when I shove......the A and the Jay. That fuckin whore of a hand. The SB calls (who has me covered) and the BB calls (who has her covered), three way allin against A2 and A8. Flop KK4...Turn COCKSUKING 2...river blank. Knew that was coming. No complaints. Got lucky when I had to and still had a nice cash for a little of 200. BTW when I was talking chop 3 handed there was 300k in chips on the table and the blinds with 8k-16k, it was sick. I knew this would happen but I figured people would just want to end it. Oh well, guess they knew more then me.

Played a little when I got home late on Thursday, dusted off a PLO buyin at 1 table but was up 2 at another. Weird session. Should be happy with the win but the dusting off on the one table annoyed me more then it should have. Need 3 more days to make 15 for the month on the 2 for 2 thingy on FTP. Not bad since vacay in the middle kept me from playin about 10 days this month.

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