Thursday, September 10, 2009


Warning, bad beat story ahead. Like you couldn't tell by the title already anyways. Here it goes...

I think I was handed the worst beat I have ever taken at a poker table last night during AIPS. It was pretty much the perfect storm. It's not about the $5 buyin. It's about the side bet that a lot of the Poker Soup crew has on the player of the year standings. I have a slim lead over Jerry. Luckily nobody made the points last night.

The hand that took me out was a doozy. Part of the perfect storm was who my loss came against, Heffmike. He has to be the luckiest motherfuckin' blogger who has ever walked the earth. I have seen him put so many horrific beats on so many people it is just sick. I used to hate his game but anyone who gets that deep that much is not a fluke. He is a very good player.

To set-up the hand we have around 30 people left paying top 15. I am down to 4 big bets and looking to find a hand to 3bet pre and let it play out. I find KK23 and am going with it. With Heffmike 2betting right in front of me this is the perfect spot. Even if I have a worse hand I go with it here because he is likely to open light in this spot a lot.

(click through for hand replayer)

Our pre-flop stats show us the following:

scottc25 -
Scoop: 74.08%
Hi: 74.08%
Lo: 43.91%

Heffmike -
Scoop: 19.29%
Hi: 25.92%
Lo: 0.00%

After the flop I have him so far in jail its fucking sick. About as good as it gets in Omaha really. He is dead to running queens or running jack 10. Here are the percentages:

scottc25 -
Scoop: 97.93%
Hi: 97.93%
Lo: 63.41%

Heff -
Scoop: 2.07%
Hi: 2.07%
Lo: 0.00%

I guess my only solace is that he was bounced out on the bubble. What can I say, I take great pleasure in other peoples misfortune.

Following-up on the Take 2 challenge I cleared the second hurdle today. I have earned $15 of the $50 so far. I took some beats early today as my wall can attest to. Losing this morning cost more than the $5 in poker. Fixing the holes in the walls will cost $20 to fix. I think I might have an anger problem.

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