Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Take 2

Full Tilt has a good promo going right now called Take 2. If you play 2 tables of ring games simultaneously and earn one point per day you are able to pick up free cash. It's extremely easy to pick up one point a day. This runs through September so there is plenty of time to make the max of $50. Here is the money breakdown from Full Tilt's site:

Get up to $50 in Cash

The more you play during Take 2, the more cash you can earn. Reach four different levels depending on the number of days that you play and you can earn up to $50:

  • Level 1: Play for 5 days and receive $5
  • Level 2: Play for 10 days to get $10, for a cumulative total of $15
  • Level 3: Play for 15 days and take home another $10, a cumulative total of $25
  • Level 4: Play for 25 days and you’ll earn an additional $25, for a cumulative total of $50

One added benefit is that you earn double points on both tables. Not a bad little deal.

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