Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am in New Orleans for a night before catching a flight home. I was able to go over to Harrah's for my first live sessions since the WSOP. On a limited roll I decided to play some 3/6. The table had an average age of around 60 or so. The one other younger guy in the game was a loose passive fish. This was the game that dreams are made of. I wasn't going to win that huge pot but I was able to slowly chip up throughout the 2 1/2 hour session.

Over the session I probably raised around 10 hands. The rest of the table combined raised an additional four times. My pre-flop raises were thinning the field and leaving in the weak passive players. I had a few decent starting hands. I had AK twice and lost both times with it. KK held. JJ held. and in the last hand of the session I raised 1010 UTG and the whole table folded.

I was able to steal on tons of spots with air or next to it. Couple of notable hands. I saw one older dude fold JJ on a J,9,8,6,4 board. I'm pretty sure I saw the board right. I don't even remember seeing any flushes out there earlier. One decent pot I won was with K3ss with a free look from the BB. I flopped the nut flush and 3 barreled it and was called in two spots all the way down for a decent pot.

The whole table was a bunch of tell boxes. I one hand I flopped top pair from the sb with K7 and lead and was raised from the button. I called the turn and binked the two pair on the river. I was going to lead out but the button was about to release chips so I let him bet and threw in a check-raise. I was called by an ace high missed flush draw. If I miss on the river I might pitch top pair there too.

I ended the session with a $77 profit. Those videos helped more that I would have thought in the live setting.

After hitting the buffet I was looking for some penny slots to throw $20 in and get a point to let Harrah's now that I show up there and try and get some more offers coming my way. I found a 1 cent Monopoly machine and played 20 lines at a time. Right away it was loss after loss with the occasional 10 cent "win". I was gonna quit when I got down $5 but right before it I hit the bonus round for two choices of squares. First one I got something special and looked up and I won 2500 credits. I didn't even know that was the big win till the lady next to me told me. With the rest of the bonus round I won 3240 credits as noted below in the pic I snapped.

I ended cashing out with a $25 profit. Ship the penny slots.

I had a $15 match play to play on any even money table game. I decided to play roulette. Since it was a match play I had to put up $15 0f my own money. I got the brilliant idea to put $15 on red and another $15 on black along with the match play. Ball landed on red (one away from single zero) and I broke even. All told I walked out with a $102 profit.

I run good in Louisiana.

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