Monday, September 14, 2009

Take 2 Week 2

Two weeks in the book in Full Tilt's Take 2 promotion. I have been able to earn my point every day so far the last 14 days. I am well on my way to clearing the whole $50. Here are the stats so far.

I am more or less on a 1900 hands break even streak. In particular the last 500 hands or so I have had very few premium hands and the ones that I do play are not connecting. I can't complain about showing a profit though. Take the $28 profit plus the $10 in bonus money I have cleared plus $25 of the Take 2 bonus plus the $3 in rakeback I have earned I am showing a nice $66 profit.

My stats are looking pretty good. The VPIP and PFR have slipped a little bit over the last 1000 hands or so. I actually want those numbers up, not down.

Pokersluts was a disaster last night. It was LHE and I tried to use my cash game strategy. Epic fail. This kind of epic fail:

That one is for Columbo.

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