Thursday, May 7, 2009


Work is crazy. Home life is almost as crazy as we have something to do almost every weekend while trying to find time to work in between them. This is on top of getting home later each night to help the wife do the normal everyday things plus the other stuff that needs to get dome for a evil monkey's first brithday party (who has been far less evil as of late).

Why I decided to play all 4 events this week I don't know. Alright well it's mainly an effort to catch the top 5 overall in points and get the cash. However after just a dismal performace this week, it's not a good idea. I'm playing like shit, tilting to easily, and generally not having fun this week. All of which sucks, because I have really been enjoying the BBT to this point even when I have run bad. Plan is to just play Skillz and Mookie next week. Almost a full week off should do me good. Hopefully that will invigorate and I can come back strong to finish the month.

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