Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things can turn on a dime

Wednesday started out just as miserable as Monday this week. Dropped a buyin at 1/2 6 max LHE table. Then reg'd for the 75 frenzy and was out in the third hand when I had QQ aipf vs 1010 and AQ, 1010 went runner runner straight. Monkey tilt was festering. Bubbling up. Well at that point I short stacked a .25/.50 6max PLO table and eventually doubled up. At the same time I bought in to a 24+2 sng for a token, top 2 get tokens, 3rd got 66 bucks. Well down to 3 handed, my 1010 was no match for 109soooooted aipf, with the river flush. At this point though, the cash was welcomed and I was less tilty then I thought I'd be. Then came the Mookie.

First hour was pretty quiet really. Didn't have much in the way of hands but was able to pick some good spots, get a hand every now and then, and chip up to about 5K or so by the first break. Second hour started out about the same. I won a key hand pretty early when my KQ was able to fade a FD when we were all in on the flop. This got me to very playable stack then a little more then halfway through I started getting a nice run of cards. I think I won about 4 hands in a row at one point with most of my raises getting called preflop, but taking it down after. Right before we went down to 2 tables I won a big race against AK with 1010, this jumped me to about 4th in chips.

Once I got moved to the new table, I think I busted the first 2 people and before I knew it I was sitting in first with about 16 left. Gettig down to the FT table bubble, I bled off a little and was getting played back at, so I locked things down, and kinda cruised into the FT. Once there, chips started flyin. I ended up falling a bit behind the leaders mainly because I didn't have anything I wanted to play for my whole stack. Picked some spots, just bobbed and weaved trying to move up as best I could. Eventually we get to three handed with me, Blaaaaargh, and QueensUp. QueensUp was putting the full on blitz to blaaaaargh, I can only imagine because he had a seat and blaaargh did not. Queens takes him out on a flip and we are heads up with me at about a 6-1 disadvantage. At one point I clawed back to about a 2-1 deficit but alas it was not to be. Lost a flop 44 vs A9 and that's all she wrote.

Now what? Well I'm a little disappointed to not get another win but this is my second, second in a little over a week. So am I quite pleased with that. Now I've moved about 5 points behind Jordon for the coveted 5th money spot on the BBT leaderboard. Barring a win in the BigGame I got no shot at the May leaderboard, but 350 cash would be very nice. I do still need a token, although given this nice run last night, the pressure is off a little. I would obviously just buyin if I had to but lets hope it doesn't come to that. GL to everyone else the rest of the way. Should be a fun finish and a very interesting TOC.

Thanks to BDR and Numb for the PokerSoup pimp last night.

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  1. excellent game dude was a fun and challenging hu match. I gotta rib blaz for his tiffany interiew