Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Did Something Online For A Change

Chopped the AIPS second chance last. Not a tremendous feat though. 15 people or so playing LHE. I also final tabled AIPS (LHE again) and finished 4th. My short-handed game with 5 to go was absolutely abysmal. I don't get too much practice playing short-handed LHE and it showed. Not a good excuse as I am sure my opponents had zero experience either.

I will look through the hand history and see if there is anything interesting when I get back home. Probably nothing there, LHE is not too exciting. Won $31 playing 2/4 LHE at the casino this morning before I had to go to the airport. Highlight was putting in a 5-bet on the river with JJ on a 965J9 board. He had 95 cause we all know that's a solid hand to call two bets cold before the flop.

Maybe LHE is my game.

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