Monday, May 11, 2009


Plus - Saw only 23 people reg'd for Brit so I decided to play yesterday
Minus - Spewed with KQ to Buddy's AQ on a queen high flop 5 minutes in
Plus - Had a decent little run in 6 handed LHE
Minus - half fell alseep and forgot about PokerSoup thingy last night
Plus - woke up in time to help fleece a donkey of 75 bucks at a 1/2 6 max LHE table to win over a buyin

Very good day cash game wise. Blogger events still being ghey. With only 1500 chips in the Brit, it's hard not to go broke with TP. Part of that problem is, "Do you really want to stay and fight with 800 chips 5 mins in?" Maybe this is more of my problem.

50/50 on Riverfuckers tonight. In work earlier then normal. See how I hold up.

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