Saturday, May 23, 2009

Live Tourney

Taking advantage of the holiday weekend I got to the track for their $30+10 tournament. $5 dealer toke gets you an extra 1k for a total of 7k and 20 minute levels. Blinds doubled in each of the first 5 levels. After the 400/800 level you go to 600/1200 then 1k/2k, 2k/4k. Not great. 70 some odd runners and it paid the final 9.

In the first two levels I think I played 2 hands with nothing to show for it. In the 3rd level and around 4k in chips I raised with 88 to 700. Next to act re-raises to 2500. Its ship or fold time. I opt to ship and I see a call and QQ. I can suckout goot though and turn the 8 and get the double. In the 4th-6th levels I stayed pretty steady. Going to level 7 at 1k/2k I had 11k. There were 3 tables left at the time.

I figured I would bust out fairly soon with my monsterous 5 bbs. First hand at the level the player tp my left raises to 5k and I look down at KK. I ship and he calls with KQ. My hand holds and I am up to 26k and healthy. Soon after that hand I get moved to balance out the tables. I hung steady for a while and when we went to 2k/4k I found AQ in EP and shipped. An older lady who I saw play 2 hands (both KK) re-shipped and I thought oh shit. She ended up snap re-shoving AJ. I held and was sitting on nearly 80k and in great shape. Down to 2 tabled I get moved back to the other table to balance again.

At my new table I was the 2nd biggest stack as we reached the final table bubble. When we were 12 handed I was in the SB with 76 and it folded to me. Short stack was in the BB and I opted to just call and see a flop, BB checks. Flop comes AKK. I min-bet for 4k and he tanks. "I know I'm ahead." He ends up FOLDING 88 FACE UP. Hahahahha. I showed my hand. How does he not ship pre-flop and how does he not call on the flop. If I have an A or a K in my hand pre I am raising it up. Shortly after we reach the final table.

I was sitting on the 3rd highest stack at the FT in the 5 seat. The CL was in the 3 and 2nd in chips was in the 4. Couldn't have drawn a better spot. We played a lap or so before there was an UTG limp and a short stack shove. Folds to me and I have KK and call. I'm up against 1010 and my hand holds. That's the last hand I played at the final table. We got down to 6-handed and ended up doing a 6-way chop for $320 which was between 2nd and 3rd place money. At the time I was down to 70k playing 4k/8k and in 4th/6.

I think that makes 3 straight FT's for me at the track. Not a bad little run. For making the FT I received a ticket for their freeroll today. This is the same thing Gambit played last week. Unfortunately we have a home game and I won't be able to use it.

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