Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miserable Monday

26 Dollar Frenzy: get short, shove A2 into 99, flop an ace, river 9

Memorial Day 10K Guarantee: get it all in preflop with QQ vs AK, river ace

75 Dollar Frenzy: 10 from token shove the button with Q7, BB calls for 80% of his stack with A5, flop 7, turn Ace

RiverFUCKERS: Tony Eusebio goes shove monkey at the FT/money bubble, I pick up QQ and call, K5 > QQ with river king.

Still tilty. Don't know about Skillz tonight. Should play, still have an outside oustide chance of getting to money but last night was a huge wasted opportunity. Still need that big game token as well. Don't feel like doing that either.

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