Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noble or Douchebag: You make the call

In the column of too little too late, last night I managed a second place finish in Skillz. My bad runs at the cash table must have balanced themselves out last night, because I ran pretty well. Stayed out of trouble and after a quiet first hour, hit a run of cards to get near the top of the leaderboard and stayed there most of the evening. Went on life support a few times down to 7 and 8 handed but eventually "sucked out" if you ask Smokkee but I would say they were flips and I just hit my card later in the preceedings :)

At any rate, because Jordon is destoying all things BBT this month my chance to finish top 5 and get some cash are close to null and void. A win last night would have closed the gap and still given me a shot. At any rate I get to HU with LJ, who does not have a seat at about a 4-1 chip disadvantage.

Well when we get to HU, she asks if I want to chop. Now I imagine she had something creative in mind with the payouts and the seat but I declined it. Noble or douchebag? Here's why. I knew I needed the points to have a shot at movin up. You can argue that getting the extra cash payout could mitigate that but there's still a pride thing in finishing in the top 5 for this thing. Part of that pride is not rolling over, taking the money, and giving the seat away. Plus I don't feel like it is mine to give away, everyone else won their's. I can honestly say the money wasn't important last night and the prevailing thought on my brain was, "If you want the seat you have to beat me for it." So maybe I am more of a douchebag then noble but I accept it.


  1. those can definitely be considered flips on FawkTiltPuker.

    i would've played it out as well although, LJ would've kicked me square in the balls next time we bump into each other if i had "stolen" the seat from her.

    i'm glad she got into the TOC, wp sir.

  2. You were under no obligation to make any deals. I've done well in BBT4 but don't have a seat. Kills me, but what can I say? If I were down to HU with only a few events to go I am not sure what I would say or do. I certainly understand why you made your choice. Should be no big deal to anyone.

  3. i'll be out in vegas starting on the 26th, shoot me an email at if you want to meet up.