Monday, August 2, 2010

AIPS and the PCA FPP Path

I ended up playing AIPS on Saturday afternoon. It was 2-7 Triple Draw that had 35ish runners with 5 being paid. My opening table was 5 handed with one person sitting out. Fasso was at my table as well. Early on we had one player that raises every hand. If someone bet to him he raised. I was able to get a hand vs him and put in a number of bets in (I think it was capped after 2nd and 3rd draw). I won the hand and he promptly sat out never to be seen again. Now playing 3 handed I was able to open up quite a bit playing a ton of 2 card hands. Every time someone defended I showed down an 86 or better. By the time we reached the first break I had my starting stack north of 7k which was almost triple the average stack.

In the second hour my table ended up breaking and on my new table I pretty much stayed steady. I would pop up and down but I was always around that 7k stack. When we dropped to 3 tables left and I was moved again I was able to accumulate some chips and when we fell to 2 tables I was at or near the chip lead around 11k. Then the wheels started to come off.

On the final 2 tables I was outdrawn like a mofo. I counted a total of 10 times I was pat after the second draw only to lose on the end. My stack was like a yo-yo. Down to 3k, back to 12k, etc. I ended up making the final table with around a 4th place stack. I lasted a little while before I finally busted in 5th. I think I had a different mentality at the final table over the 3rd-6th place stack entering. I wanted to win, they wanted to cash or move up a spot. When 1st is only $64, why? To each their own though.

So far on the year in 7 events I have 3 final tables (1st, 2nd, 5th) and a final table bubble. Not to bad of a series so far. I might even be near the top of POY if it wasn't for edwardm111's 4 wins on the year.

Sunday I played my round 3 and round 4 FPP MTT satellites for the PCA. The round 4 was the first one up. I played exactly two significant hands and folded a ton. I limp shoved about 15bbs with Ak and it held vs AQ. Later on I limped J10dd from the button and flopped the flush draw and min-bet the ace high board. I got there on the turn and was called by AdX and faded the higher flush draw for the double. From there I coasted into the seat. In the round 3 we had 4 live people at the table and 5 sit-outs. Someone decided to shove every hand. After about 10 hands in a row of this I defended with KQ and it held vs 97. From there I steadily increased and actually sat out at the end and coasted into a seat. The next tourneys are not till 8/29.

This week I will be working heavily on the steps. I really need to get it done by the end of the week. If not I am just going to have to bank what I have left and wait till there is something else I want to play. It's not looking too good though as I have never seen more than 4 people registered for the step 6 at any given time.

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