Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trying for APPT Auckland

Since more than a few of you know what I am trying for I decided to just post it. I wanted to have it a secret and say "Surprise" I am going to Auckland. I stared off with 5 buy-ins to the step 2's. I had originally planned on having about 10-11 buy-ins but life expenses got in the way and I was left with 5.

I was able to convert all 5 of them to step 3's. I won straight away in 4 of them. The 5th one i was kicked back to a step 1 and then won that and the step 2 to get it to a step 3.

Step 3's have been quite the grind. I won the first one I played and then lost the next. The third one I won. Here is where it gets interesting. The last 8 step 3's that I have played I finished between 3rd and 5th for a redo. Yes, 8 in a row. I had one really brutal beat when we were 3 handed. I was near even stacked with my opponent when I got it in pre-flop with AA vs 88. Board runs out 97610A. Thanks for giving me the ace on the end for fun. I have also had some nice 3 outer suckouts to stay alive in others so it all evens out in the long run. One thing about being in the step 3 wash is I am accumulating a lot of VPP's. In less than a week of work on these I am over half way to Silver Star. Too bad today is the last day of the month and I won't make it. A single step 5 and 6 pretty much gets you there though.

So now I have 2 step 3's and 2 step 4's. I am going to try and get this completed by the end of next week cause I would need to make some changes to my work schedule. One possible problem is that I have not seen a step 6 for Auckland go off yet. The most people I have seen registered is 4. If one doesn't go I will probable hold onto what I have and wait for NAPT Los Angeles sats to go. There have been some rumors on 2+2 though that there may be a NAPT stop before LA. Florida one time?????

AIPS is starting in less than a half hour and I am waffling on playing or not. It's 2-7 triple draw and right now they have 19 registered so at least it's a manageable field.

Sunday I have a round 3 and a round 4 FPP satellite for the PCA.


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  1. NAPT guesses - Florida or Pennsylvania . . .

    I think Florida may have an edge because its poker rooms are more established, but you never know.