Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been Doing a Lot of Writing

Well I am one week into my new writing gig at Rakeback.com. It's been an eye opening experience getting a peek into the poker news industry. It is definitely a lot harder than I anticipated. The most difficult part is writing news articles on topics that I really don't care that much about. Through the first six articles the best ones that I have written are the two that I was really interested in:

Negreanu v Duke Feud Heating Up Again

$2 Million PokerStars Collusion Ring Caught

I now have a totally new respect for people like Pauly and Shamus and their writing skills. Also, thanks Shamus for answering some of my questions about the industry for me before I ended up getting the job. You helped out a ton.

One item I find difficult to do when writing the articles is that I am not allowed to link to sites that try to turn their traffic into rakeback arrangements such as Poker News. I am allowed to mention them but not allowed to directly link them. It's a hell of a lot easier writing on this blog where I can link what I want and when I want.

As time goes on I will be able to start picking my own news items and the writing should flow a whole lot better. One of a series of articles I will be doing is poker room reviews for the various locations that I visit through my regular job. Coming up over the next few months will be trips to Mohegan Sun, The Meadows (Pittsburgh area) and Harrahs New Orleans.

Feel free to check that Rakeback.com site often to check out the articles. The traffic created certainly helps me out.

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