Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Week and a Half in the BBT and.....yawn

My play that is, not the BBT itself. Things started nice enough with a cash in the Big Game, but since then radio silence. Truth be told I knew I was not going to be able to play every event each week. My goal is to play at least 2 a week. Keeping in mind I'm not playing every event, it is still disappointing to not have sniffed the points since the opener.

Last night I yo-yo'ed a little in PLO, which I guess is to be expected. Took a shot early after the break to grab some chips, got there in the end with a kinda waek starter, then crashed with double suited aces. TBA raises from UTG, one call, I repot with A9ccA3dd, TBA just calls, other player folds. Flop come K94hhh. TBA open shoves all in. Sweet. Three possibles there and none of them really good, 1) he has a flush 2) He has a set of kings 3) he has #2 with the ace of hearts or just the ace of hearts and knows I don't have it. At any rate, I can't call. Later my top pair, fd and gutter was no match for the naked OESD on the flop.

Will play Mookie tonight and hopefully things go better. I just keep telling my self, go all the way with an A and a J.....get your money in behind.....this is the Mookie dammit!

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