Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Much Poker

Not too much poker to talk about but a ton of little things to get out there. The BBT4 continues to be a titanic for me. I played the Brit Blogger yesterday and got my chips to around 2500 in the first hour before I slipped. at 50/100 I raised to 300 UTG with KQ and next to act shoved for around 1k total. Knowing if I open that hand there I had to call a shove from one of the two short stacks I did and lost the flip vs 1010. The very next hand I call a raise with AQ and have to pitch it on the flop. Just like that down to 1k. I didn't get a chance to ship before the break and was the uber short stack coming out. I shoved once with a suited ace and won the blinds. Same lap I shoved A6 sooted over the chip leaders open and didn't catch up vs his A9 and out I went in the middle of the pack. I am going to hang it up for the rest of March and start up again Wednesday with the Mookie. New month, new hope.

On a slightly better note I have final tabled all four Pokerslut events I have played this season. Granted the best showing I have is 5th and no cashes in 20-25 player fields but its a start. Last night was LHE. I had a stack of 5k at the break. Think the deck was hitting me in the face? It also helped that supercon and a random Brazilian were at my opening table. The Brazilian was having a hard time finding the fold button.

I really need to get more MTT play in over the next couple of weeks before the Australia trip. I need to get into the NLHE mindset again. Nothing online is gonna compare to the structure there but I just need to play some more hands. Can't believe that's just a tick over 3 weeks away already. I am going to try my absolute best to find my way into business class for that monster of a 16 hour flight, be it through miles or bribes.

Nz sent me an IM last night requesting a rail. That's the only way he can make hands is if I am on the rail he says. I think we all benefit from a friendly rail. Not sure if we just don't do stupid shit or what. Just seems to work.

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