Thursday, March 26, 2009


That doesn't even involve bad beats or setups. I was fully intending to play the Mookie last night. I was on vacay until Tuesday afternoon flight got in, so I knew I would miss The Brit and Riverfuckers. I planned to play the Skillz and the Mookie this week. An excellent plan if I do say so myself. I played the Skillz, and luckily, got most of big hands later when people started playing a game that resembled poker and made a run to the FT. Went out one after the money paid, getting involved in a SB/BB confrontation that cost me. So about 1230ish I crawl into bed, trying to fall asleep, til about 1AM when the evil monkey that lives inside my child decides to come out. The wife goes on baby tilt (deservingly so) and I hit 'I just wanna sleep tilt' about 3AM. I finally rock the evil monkey out of him about 330 and fall asleep somewhere around 4. Wife's alarm hits at 530, mine at 620 and I have a splitting headache, feel like vomiting, and my throat's on fire, welcome home asshole. So, I stayed home from work, got some sleep, felt like shit, and was ready for bed by 900 last night, evil monkey comes back at 915 and stays with us until 1030. So I miss both the AIPS freeroll and the Mookie, not that I had any intention of playing either at this point.

Now it's Thursday, I feel mostly human and got some sleep last night. I'm ready to play....guess I'll need to wait. Playing every event each week is really difficult for me but I've been trying to make 2 a week. Now I find myself in the Top 20 on the leaderboard, sans Al's update since Monday, and would like to give myself the best chance of moving up. Missing Riverfuckers hurts each week because that has the most points with the bigger buyin. If the evil monkey can be exorcised by this weekend, I will try to go 4-4. At this point I have 4 points finishes, a win and 3 FT's, and feel like I am running well and playing well. Getting the top spot of March is unrealistic at this point, but finishing the series in the top 20 isn't, top 10 would be nicer though. Looks like I may have to sacrifice some sleep between now and June....or move to the west coast.

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