Friday, March 27, 2009


What do you do when you are trying to isolate a short stacker and another idiot comes along for the ride?

I see a lot of these short stacking players that will stick it in with just about any Ax or any pair and this SB player was definitely playing this way.  I just couldn't shake off the button.  So you tell me, WTF was he thinking?


  1. Simply_m was 70/0/0.5 ish and limped the button and most other pots.

    Estee was raising up any decent hand and was shipping if they could get it all in pf with better hands.

  2. I think you mistook my NFI for "need further information". What I meant was "no fucking idea!".

    You played it fine. If that guy wants to get his whole stack in with K6o who are you to stop him? Fist pump and hope your hand holds.