Thursday, March 5, 2009

At Least Live Poker Isn't Rigged, Sorta

Got a chance to get to the track and play some 1/2 NL. First time since December. In the first lap around the table I call a raise to $6 with 44 from the button. Flop 7,6,4 rainbow. I call a $10 bet from MP. Turn 8. Checked to me and I fire $16 and he calls. River 6. Bingo. He ships $35 or so all in. I snap call and see his 88. Board had to pair to make me lose more money. After dusting off $150 in 30 minutes I quit and decided to play the tourney.

$65 buy-in and 53 people. It actually was $10+10 (plus $5 toke) and a $40 add-on. Only 38 take the add-on by the end of the 1st break. I was CL heading into the FT with 112k. Next closest was around 50k. Ran good early till a 20k stack doubled through and then lost a 15k pot to 2nd in chips. Time to slow down. We got down to 3-handed and I had 150k. 2nd had 140k and 3rd had 110k. Chop it up for $500 each. I'll take it.

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