Friday, March 13, 2009

Another 0-Fer

Yet another whiff in week 2 of the BBT. Four events and four more strikeouts. This is starting to get embarrassing.

Early on in the Sunday Brit Blogger game I flopped top top with AK into a set and lost half my stack. Shortly after that I flopped a flush vs the same opponent who flopped a set. Luckily my hand held and I was back to even. I blinded down to around 10bbs and at the 60/120 level I lost a flip and was out.

Monday in Riverchasers I lasted a total of 2 hands. I was on the button with KK and the cutoff opened to 90. I 3bet to 250 and the BB raised to 800. Cutoff folds and I 5bet ship my 3k and get called by AA. Done. I just don't think that I can fold KK in that spot. Cutoff opens light and my 3bet from the button certainly doesn't mean strength. The 4bet from the BB could be a steal attempt. I think i am seeing AK and QQ there a lot more than the only hand that can beat me. Gigli for me.

Tuesday night Blogger Skills was a fun one, PLO. In the first hour I got in a massive pot 3-ways:

All of the money went in on the flop. I ran the numbers and here were the odds after the flop:

Pretty standard I guess. After knocking out two people I was able to do pretty much nothing the rest of the way. I ended up bouncing out in 25th which I believe was 5 spots short of the points. At least I am trending up, right?

The Mookie has always been an event that I have never performed well in. My deepest run was the final two tables once. Never a single cash. Granted I haven't played bu about a dozen of them in my life but that is still pretty pathetic. This one would prove to be no exception.

Early on cardgrrl was my personal ATM. One of the first hands I played was 98ss and limped. Cardgrrl raised from one of the blinds to 4x and I called. Flop comes J104ss. Nice flop. I check call a 3/4 pot sized bet. Turn is the Q. I check, cardgrrl pots it and I put in a healthy raise. She insta calls and we see a Q river. Ugh. That's about the worst card that I can see. It is certainly possible that she has the boat. AK is also in her range. She donk bets 1k of her 1300 stack or so. I just call and she has AQ and I am up to 6k. Later on in the first hour I flop a set against her and let her do the value betting for me. After that hand I have 10k and she is down to around 1200. As it turns out I should have put her all-in on the first hand as she ended up finishing 2nd. I wanna know how that happened.

Early in the second hour playing 80/160 I limp UTG with A10dd. Not the greatest play by any means. A MP player raises to 540 and I am the only caller. I am looking for diamonds only cause if I hit just the A or 10 I am perfectly willing to dump the hand. Flop come JXXdd. Good flop. I check and MP leads for 800. I put in a check-raise to 2200 and MP ships. Looking at the math if I only have the flush outs I am getting the exact odds that I need. When you add in the A as another 3 outs its a coin flip and an easy call. If I fold I still have around 6k and plenty of time to play. I put him on two specific hands after the shove KK or QQ. I discounted AA as I had one in my hand and JJ doesn't make sense to ship that much in. I opted for the call because I think an 18k stack at that point just looks too good to me. 2nd place at that time had 10k. The board bricked out on me and I ended up 61st.

I will defend that play and I think I repeatedly make that play every day. Anyone else beg to differ at all. All comments welcome.

After the Sydney seat the online game has gone in the shitter. Doomswitch activated.

This weekend some time I will have to post about the live O8 tourney I played at the harness track up here in Minnesota. If you live around here you HAVE to play it whenever its offered. By far the worst play I have ever seen in my life. Even worse than the AIPS PLO. More on that later.

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