Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick Recap So Far...

Wednesday: Arrived and only played at Excalibur for about 4 hours. Won 1 1/2 buyins.

Thursday: Disaster day for me. Dropped 4 buyins, lost a single table sat at Rio.

Friday: Played $200 Rio tourney and busted level 4 with a bit of a cooler, it happens. Lost single table sat at Venetian. Rallied end of day and won 2 1/2 buy-ins at Excalibur.

Saturday: Lost 1 buyin at Aria. Won almost a buyin at Excalibur. Donked-up a $50 tourney at Excalibur and dropped about $100 in the pits.

Today: My plan is to play the $200 Rio and 1-2 single table sats and that will be the end of the trip.

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