Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Rush has been going pretty good so far during Take 2. Through the first 5 days I have played enough $10 NL just to get my 5 points and then quit for the day. I am up 3 buy-ins including 2 today (at 1185bb/100). Think that is sustainable?

Last night I went and played at Harrah's. I played in a $65 single table satellite which didn't go exactly as planned. The first hand I played was in a multi-way limped pot and I had AJ in the BB. Flop comes J104 and I lead t125 into the t150 pot and get called by a very loose and passive player. Yes, I knew what kind of player she was after about 6 hands. After the call she has t600 of her t1500 starting stack. Turn 9 and I lead for t200 and she ships for an additional t400. I know I HAVE to fold in that spot as I am ahead approximately 0% of the time. Also if I fold I still have around t1100 and am in plenty good shape still. Like the mook that I am I call and she has 109. I miss the river and am down to t700. Shortly after that I have roughly the same stack and a very tight UTG lady raises to t300 at 25/50 and i find 88. I fold and see that I flop a set and would have nearly tripled up. I busted in 8th shortly after that.

On to the cash games I sit in a 1/2 game with $100. I dropped $30 immediately and then bumped back up to near even. I then lost another pot and was down to $40 before I added another $100. It was slow going after that but I eventually got it up to $210 before falling to $160 and staying there for a couple hours. What was going to be my last lap at the table there is an ep raise to $10 (standard for the game) and one caller before it gets to me. The ep raise was from a youngish kid who loved to bet and show the bluffs. If he was called he fired one bullet and gave up. First to call knew the same thing I knew. I call and there is one other call (we will call him tourney Guy) from the blinds and we take the flop 4 ways. Flop A85 rainbow and ep leads for $20 and all of us call. Turn is a brick 2 and it gets checked all the way through. River 9 and Tourney Guy leads for $50 (he has me covered). UTG folds, next guy folds and I take 20 seconds or so and ship my last $135. He thinks for maybe 10 seconds and calls. I show and he mucks what I assume is a rivered set (?????). It is tourney guy so he may have only had 2 pair there.

Only one other interesting hand happened after that. Youngish kid leads for $12 again and I choose to flat with QQ. Guy in 10 seat raises to $48 (he had done that earlier with JJ) and it folds to me. I tank for a bit and call. Flop comes K10x and I check. He bets $60 and I tank for a little and fold. They way I play the hand I really have no idea where I'm at. Maybe I should donk for something like $30 or something, maybe I need to 4bet pre and then fold to a shove.

I ended up +$117 in the cash game after about 4 1/2 hours and call it a night.

I am going to play AIPS and ZIPS online tonight. Rest of the trip might be canceled though as my son is having some serious bowel issues and I might have to catch a flight home if he has to go into the hospital. Think good thoughts for my little one.


  1. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.


  2. "Maybe I should donk for something like $30 or something, maybe I need to 4bet pre and then fold to a shove."

    Don't know what the stack sizes were, but I know it gets real expensive real quick in live 1/2. In addition, there aren't a lot of 3 bets because you commit so much PF with a single open raise (i.e. 5x to $10 is a HUGE raise). 5x of the open to $50 already is committing 1/4 stack. Any call puts at least $100 in the pot, and assuming 100BB stacks, you've reached commitment thresholds where your stacks are equal to the pot.

    To be honest, I think in your spot, you're either shoving or folding pre-flop there. I would err on shoving (you've seen him do this with JJ in the past).