Monday, April 26, 2010

Mission Main Event

I guess you could call the title a little misleading. One day this week I am going to spend the day trying to get all the way up to step 6 (a $640 value). I will use the steps that are in the bank right now (2 step 3's and 2 step 2's) along with $50 to try and reach my goal. If I am fortunate to win a second step 6 ticket I would probably keep it for the 150 seat guaranty satellite in late June. If I am running like god and get a 3rd one I would go ahead and play it to try and get a step 7.

I am a massive longshot to get it up to a step 6 but hey, i have done it before, and I am going to do it again. Should be a fun little ride. I will live blog it throughout the day along with the Mookie that night, if I do in fact so this on Thursday. What kind of odds you think I would be? I give myself 3:1 to get there and probably somewhere around 20:1 to actually win a main event seat.

Edit: Oh yeah, one other thing. If I am fortunate enough to win a seat I find it highly probable that I will not plunk down $10k to play in the main event. I might take $1-$2k and try some satellites and take the rest for a family vacation. I am thinking either Australia or Europe.

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