Saturday, April 3, 2010

Misc Items

I played in a $2 HORSE MTT on Full Tilt yesterday and ended up making the final table and finished 6th/116. I made 5x the buy-in but unfortunately that's only $10. In the first hour of the tournament I won only two hands. I picked-up a 1/2 pot in O8 with the nut low and the other winning hand was a scoop in Stud8 for a double up. I picked-up some hands in the middle stages including taking a 5k stack from an opponent in stud in two hands when I made a boat vs his rivered straight and trips vs his two pair two hands later. I was in the top 8 stacks from about 50 left all the way to the final table. Entering the final table I was 4th/7 (2 busted on FT bubble) but never picked-up any hands. I busted with split 10's vs buried aces in Stud.

I was able to get in a short live session at the track. I am guessing the table started fairly recently. When I bought in for the full $100 I was the 2nd biggest stack at the table. The table was playing ultra nitty. In a multi-way limped pot I decided just to check my option in the BB with AJ. Flop comes Jxx and I look for a check raise. MP bets $10 and gets 1 caller before me and I kick it up to $25. MP has raising chips in his hand but he elects just to call as does the other player. Turn A and I lead for $35 and I get two folds. MP said he had KK. Nice limp pre-flop. Not much happened after that and what I view as one of the tougher players came and sat to my immediate left so I ended up calling it a day after only 1 hour with a $46 profit. With a couple of winning sessions lately I am really looking forward to St. Louis next week.

Take 2

Full Tilt is running Take 2 again. It starts today and is running for the next 9 days. If you play at least two tables, and this includes Rush, and earn 5 points for 5 days you get $5. If you earn 5 points all 9 days you get and additional $20. It's super easy to complete this. I was able to get my points within 8 minutes 3 tabling Rush 0.05/0.10. You could probably fold every hand and wind up profitable.

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