Friday, April 23, 2010

Mookie Recap and Steps Progress

The Mookie was the first BBT5 event I entered this week. Before the event I was trying to decide whether to go loose aggro or play the nit. I opted for the latter. At the end of the first hour I was a 10/3. I had zero interesting hands in the first hour. The only think close to interesting was calling a 3x raise with AJ against who I have tagged as a spew monkey. Flop came Jxx and I threw in a check raise to take the pot. That's it, nothing interesting.

At the start of the second hour I had t2760. I was able to steal from on of the blinds early to get above my starting stack and hunk in there until I won my biggest pot of the night. At 60/120 niktak just lost an all-in hand vs BuddyDank the hand before shoving over Buddy's raise with A9. That left niktak with 900 and and open shove the next hand. I re-shoved from the button with AK and was up against 105. The board ran out 5J3Q10 for the rivered straight and I was up to t3900. Unfortunately that was the last hand that I won. I raised 3x to 480 at 80/160 with JJ and was 3bet to 1120. I opted to shove for 3720 and was up against QQ. Board bricked off and I was out in the 60's.

My steps progress has been going fairly well. I have played a total of 28 step 1's earning 11 step 2 tickets and 6 redo's. I have since played 3 step 2's with 1 advance to step 3 and a small cash out ($0.05). I have 6 step 1's, 8 step 2's and 1 step 3 in the bank right now. I am going to play as many step 1's before the month is over and I lose my free balance. I will probably play out the rest of the balance in step 3's before it expires.

I have played limited steps on Stars so far. I played 2 step 1's and advanced in both. I have since played 1 step 2 but failed to advance or get a redo. On Full Tilt I have been playing some Rush Poker and whatever profits I am making I am putting back in the steps. Right now I have 4 step 2's and 1 step 3. If I can get up to a step 6 on Full Tilt I'm not sure where I would go from there. I think I may opt for the MTT satellite at that spot compared to the STT route. Guess I will worry about that if I get there.

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