Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mission Live Blog

07:15 - Signed up for the first 18 man of the day. Going to start up a 9 man as well. Off we go...

07:31 - Out in the 9 man. KQ lost to K7 on a KJ7 flop. UTG limp no good vs blind, finished 8th.

07:54 - 7th in the 18 man good for a redo. 1010 vs AK with a K on the river all-in pre.

08:04 - One last 18 man before I need to get some work done.

08:35 - I'm going to fucking puke. 5k pot when it all went in on the turn. A10 vs A2 on a 6J3A board. River 2 to cripple me. Fuck me, out in 9th good for a redo.

09:28 - 12 left in an 18 man 99 vs 77 AIPF QJ10X7 - Run good continues. Also played a Super Turbo and out early.

14:01 - I just 4bet shoved AQ in the 1st level of a 9 man and was called by 92. Of course they hit the 2 which was good.

10:10 - When I lose every flip and even lose when I have them dead to 2-3 outs I'm in trouble. Played 3 more, a small $0.60 return is a Step 1 Super Turbo and redos in a 9 and 18 man.

10:35 - It just never fucking ends. QJ loses to Q8 AIPF. Lucky it was vs a short stack.

13:11 - Through 9 Step 1 buy-ins I have cash back to enter another one along with 3 Step 1 tickets. So I am a net 5 buy-in loser with zero Step 2's to show so far.

14:28 - Holy shit!!!! I won one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14:47 - Is two in a row considered a streak? If so, I'm on one. I have 5 buy-ins left and 2 Step 2's to show for it so far.

15:38 - Taking a break and will be back at it tonight. Probably playing the Mookie as well.

18:40 - Brag: Won 3 in a row; Beat: I'm still -ev; Variance: Had Little Caesars for dinner.

22:38 - 4 in a row. I was a short stack with 13 left and then got KK, QQ and AA.

22:38 cont - Mookie - 4 sets and AA once in the first half hour. More than double my starting stack already.

23:00 - 1st break of the Mookie with t5625. My last three raises were 3-bet.

23:55 - Hour 2 of the Mookie in the books. I have t10,470 good for 6/31.

00:35 - QQ loses to AK soooted to knock me in half and I am now the shorty with 13 to go.

00:35 - Final table as THE short stack. And I mean short.

00:55 - Out in 7th 1010 couldn't outrun Loretta8's QQ.

That ends the live blog for the day. I will be back at it tomorrow probably without live blogging. Anything interesting I will throw up in twitter.

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