Friday, April 30, 2010

Mookie Final Table

To say that Wednesday's Mookie started out well for me would be a massive understatement. In the first level I called four raises with pocket pairs and flopped a set EVERY TIME. I also had AA on the button once and raise but got no action. After the first level I only had 3975 to show for it.

The next couple of levels I stood steady until 30/60 with 3705 to start the hand. I raised 55 UTG to 150 and was 3bet by Alceste to 450 and I called. Flop q105hhh, I check, Alceste bets 880 leaving 1400 behind and I ship, get called, and see QQ with the Qh. I fade the turn and river and I am sitting at 6537. The rest of the first hour I don't think I won a single pot. I raised 3-4 times and was 3bet every time and had to give them up. At first break I had 5625. You would think I might have a little more after flopping 5 sets and getting aces once.

I was chipped down all the way to 4815 1/2 way through the second hour when I picked-up AQ at 100/200 and raised it up to 600 and summer_babe flatted from the button with a stack just under mine. I check the As3s6c flop with the full intention of getting it all in. summer_babe bets near pot to 1200 and I CRAI and get called by, wait for it, 88! OK, turn and river brick off and I am up to 9565. The rest of the second hour is rather uneventful and I have 10,470 at the break.

In hour 3 I blind down just south of 9k and call a 4k stack shove with 1010 and see AK. I hold and have around 11k after the hand. I was cruising along well having it as high as 16k before I dropped to 13k and the big hand of the tournament happens. I get QQ in the bb and willwonka shoves 5.6k into me from the sb. I call and see AJcc. Flop gives him a gutter, turn is the A and I am knocked down to 7800 and near the bottom of the 13 players remaining. After that hand I end up folding into the final table with about 5600 and 7bbs.

At the final table I was down to 3900 in the sb and it was folded to me and I shoves 97 and was called by Loretta8's K10. I flopped the 9 and got the double to 8500. After a lot of folding and 4 shoves that were not called we were down to 7 handed. Lorett8 raises UTG and I shove my 13k stack in with 1010. Loretta calls and I see QQ. Board bricks out and I am done in 7th.

Considering my lifetime record in the Mookie I was happy with the result. Also, congrats to nzgreen who was on the call with loser64 and myself. He played the $4k gtd HORSE tournament at the same time and finished 2nd for around $750.

Steps are going OK for me. Right now I have the following:

Step 4 - 1
Step 3 - 2
Step 2 - 3

I am going to try and play them by Saturday and see if I can get in the WSOP satellite on Sunday afternoon.

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