Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where In The World Is Snuffy - Volume 5

image002 Nov. 18

Volume 5 takes me to Detroit, Michigan. There are four casinos in town (not including charity rooms) including Caesars Windsor (Canadian Side), Motor City Casino, Greektown Casino and where I played, MGM Grand Detroit.

I got a chance to go play on a Wednesday night before heading out of town. When I arrived around 5pm or so there were two 1/2 games going and I was able to immediately get a seat. Just by looking at the table it would be no different than my other sessions in Detroit, very loose and a mix of aggressive and passive players.

After a couple of laps and seeing raises to $10 being called in 7 spots I knew what kind of table I had. Early on I was seeing some flops but generally missing. One hand I can think of I called a raise to $8 with A-10 and saw a 10 high flop. Before action reached me there was a $20 bet and a shove for around $50. I folded and saw someone flat the raise with A-A and take the pot. Not exactly the greatest strategy when 7-8 people are seeing the flop.

I was chopped down to around $100 from my $200 starting stack before I finally won a pot about two hours into the session. It was shortly lived as I fell back in a hurry. The first raise hand I had was A-K when I kicked it to $12 and received 3 callers. Flop comes K65 and I c-bet to $25 and was check raised to $60. I actually thought that was all of his stack and I called. He shoved his last $35 on a brick turn and I called and saw the set of 6’s. I was all the way down to $37 after the hand. Then the fun started.

A couple hands later I am in the sb and call a raise to $12 with 52ss. Yeah, you read that right. Flop comes 662 and I shoved my last $25 and was called in two spots. Board runs out 4,Q and my hand ended up being good. Back over $100!

From there I was able to climb up to $150 when I won my only big pot of the night. There were several limpers to me in late position when I found Q-Q. I raised it to $22 and had two callers. Flop is Q-10-Xssc. I lead for $40 and get one caller. Turn is a brick club and I put my lone opponent in for about $50 more and he calls fairly fast. I roll over the set and he holds. I asked if he is drawing live, he says no. River is an inconsequential card and I ship the pot.

After that the play was pretty meh and after a four hour session or so I left up $51. One large pot and running bluffs vs the right people on the right kind of boards was the rule of the night. My twitter feed says it all, “I left Detroit alive AND with more money than which I came with. How many people can say that?”

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