Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming Up With a Plan

After the Winter Gathering I have the fortunate situation to be on vacation for the rest of the year. What I need to do is come up with a plan on how to spend my time. I may have some extra work for the other job but I should have plenty of time to play some poker.

I’m trying to decide where to play. Basically I have to be able to end my sessions by about 3:30 in the afternoon. I could sit and grind online in the morning and then go play at the room closest to my house. The second, and best option in my opinion, is to go hit the Hard Rock first thing in the morning.

The morning players at the Hard Rock are interesting to say the least. The vast majority are people who are stuck from playing overnight. It’s not exactly low variance poker but it definitely can be profitable. I don’t have to worry about variance too much these days as I can afford to drop 2-3 buy-ins a few days in a row and not run the risk of busting the bankroll.

Here are my local options:

Obviously I spend most of my time at Tampa Bay Downs. It’s about five minutes from my house but I think it probably has the toughest players in the area (relatively speaking). Hard Rock is always a great place to play, nuff said. Derby Lane is a bit of a haul for me and they don’t open till a little after 11am which would mean some short sessions. I have not made it back to Tampa Greyhound since the limits changed. The play is terribad but the games were always populated with short stackers. Like $20 in a 1/2 game. I see they have a 1/3 $100-$300 game now. I may want to check that one out. I have never been to One Eyed Jacks. It’s over an hour away but maybe I can get Smokkee to meet me there one day.

It should be a fun few weeks for me.


  1. Stay away from the online games early in the morning on the East coast... games are pretty dead. Go play live instead.

  2. I still haven't made my way to One Eyed Jacks. I def need to get down there sometime. GL on your extended vacation.