Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brag Post


It’s not too often that I get to do one of these posts so fuck it, I’m gonna do it. The pic to my left is a shout out to my brothers and sisters from the Great White North. I’m looking at you and you. I wish this were a brag about some big five or six figure hit, but alas it’s not THAT good.

With the extra workload (which I love, hi boss!) it has been a little more difficult to play online lately. I have re-dedicated my time (read: in the wee hours of the morning) to playing more.

It all started one week ago when I had to deposit $20 on Full Tilt just to play the Pokersluts $1 rebuy. I was in for around $8 all told and I was able to take it down after a heads-up match against PokerGeekMN for around $50.

In anticipation of Rush Week happening on Full Tilt beginning tomorrow, I started to play the micro-stakes level of $5nl Rush. The results have been very promising so far. I am going to try and do the 10 FPPs per day to get the $10 bonus. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost me that much to do it.

Also on Full Tilt I started playing some of the step tournaments. With three buy-ins at step 1 I have been able to work one of them up to a step 3. I will try and work that to a step 4 and then play a $750k guaranteed satellite. Also between steps going off I played a satellite to a Mini FTOPS event and binked a win in that.

Thanksgiving night was the 4th annual Turkey Cup hosted by Dr. Pauly. With 56 runners and the top 9 being paid I was able to final table and finish 6th. I ran like god in hour one when I picked up KK three times, QQ once and flopped a set and had 22 flop a set twice. When we reached the money bubble I was brutalized by Dr. Chaco. I was 2nd at the start of the bubble and was 7th once it burst.

I also played in the 2nd chance PLO event. I was in a three-way all-in early with top set and no redraws on the turn against a wrap draw and a flush draw. The wrap got there and I was left with around 100 chips. I was able to double up twice and then I tripled up in a three-way hand where my single suited aces held. I then doubled up to 3k against Jess when we both flopped broadway but I also flopped two pair to go along with it and I boated up. The double was short lived as I shipped all of my chips back to her when I flopped top set against her flopped straight and I failed to boat.

The last mini-brag was AIPS yesterday. A disappointing 27 runners showed up for the HORSE event. I was at the bottom of the chip counts most of the way. I was once down to 500 chips before I doubled-up twice in quick succession in Stud. When we got down to 12 people left I was in last place and had about 1/3 of the chips of 11th. The rungood was then activated and I was able to make the final table with a slightly below average chip stack. I think I took out one or both of 8th and 7th place and I was 2nd in chips. Once we reach 6-handed it was a coin flip as the average stack was somewhere near 5bbs.

I think all of us held the chip lead at one point or another when we were 6 handed. I was able to get to heads-up play down 3-1 in chips and it quickly went to down 5-1 after getting the bring-in three times to start off. I was actually able to build back up to the chip lead when the wheels fell off. We both had a 4 card 10 on 5th street in Razz when most of the chips went in. I was drawing dead by 6th street and I was done. I could have saved my last 13k on 6th and would have faced a big deficit but I couldn’t find the fold button.

Not a bad week for me overall though.


    OH, also good to hear about a few scores going your way too.


  2. Rant2112 here.

    Hit me up if you want to talk some Rush. I play quite a bit of NL50 and NL25 Full Ring Rush.