Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Results

Saturday I started out playing at Tampa Bay Downs. I got in a 2/4 LHE game for a short while waiting for the 1/1 game. People in this game as expected are horrid. One of the few hands I played I raised AJ in EP and got a few callers. Flop is 8 high and it gets checked through. Turn J and I bet and get one caller. River brick and the blind leads and I call. He turns over KK. You can't make that stuff up. I was called to 1/1 after a couple laps after I dropped $25.

I played the 1/1 game for about 90 minutes dropping $15 before I decided to play the satellite into the $350 tourney the next day. Total investment of $55 including both add-ons. There was only three of us on my table to take all add-ons. Action was fast and I folded for the first two levels before my table was the first to break. From there I was able to build a stack without putting anything at risk and I breezed into a seat which I ended up selling for $320 the next day.

I was a little late getting over to Derby Lane and I missed the Hooterific dinner with Gambit. When I got there Fasso was playing 4/8 O8 and Gambit was in a 1/1 game. I was able to get an immediate seat at the 1/1 game and bought in for $60. I actually didn't realize the max there was $80 instead of the $60 it is at Tampa Downs. In the first lap I picked-up AA and was able to get a full double. Not long after that I took another $60 off of someone in no particularly memorable hand and was up to $180.

I was somewhere around $250 deep when I played a hand with a husband and wife at the table. They were by no means teaming up. I raised to $7 with AKss and was called by the sb (husband) and the ep limper (wife). Flop J109 rainbow and its checked to me. I fire a $12 cbet and am called in both spots. Turn is a lovely Q completing the rainbow. Husband in the SB leads for $30 and wife quickly calls. I jam putting them both in. Husband snap calls Hellmuth style and wife snap calls as well. Husband tables AK with a total of $80 behind. Wife tables K7 with about $170 behind. River 4 and I scoop the nice side pot and chop the main. His wife took off in a huff.

I ended up being as deep as 4425 on the night before I took a couple of beats and ended up leaving with $295 in front of me good for a $235 profit.

Saturday results: +$465

Sunday was a fairly slow day. I went to Tampa Downs to sell the tournament ticket and sat in the 1/1 game. They had aces cracked till 1pm. I did pick them up once and had them cracked for $100. I ended up winning exactly one hand in 90 minutes but thanks to the aces cracked I won $80 on the session.

later on in the day I went out the Hard Rock and played 1/3. I was only out there for about two hours before I lost interest in playing and walked with an $18 profit.

Sunday results: + $98

I was planning on taking Monday off but I got the itch to play later in the afternoon. I opted for the $40 tournament at Tampa Downs. Starting with 6k with 79 runners and 9 spots paying. I was able to work my stack up to 9k by the first break without anything exciting. With about 4 tables to go I was down to around 8bbs and shipped A6 over a EP raise. He was folding his limps quite a bit to pressure. He didn't this time and called with AJ. I spiked the 6 on the river for the double. From there I was able to build up a bit and when we got to the final two tables I was in average chip position with around 12bbs.

With 15 left I was whittled down tow around 10bbs and jammed the button after it was folded to me with A10. The short stack with 3bbs called with J8. I flopped the 10 but the bb rivered a straight and I was crippled. From there I could not find a spot to shove. There was either multiple limpers who were not going to fold or there was a raise in front. When we came back from a break the blinds were 1500/3k/500 and I had 9k in the cutoff with 13 people still left. First hand back it was folded to me and I jammed 94off (for less than 3bbs) and saw the button, sb AND bb fold. How does bb fold there? I showed and took the free 7500. Very next hand folded to me and I jammed QJ off and everyone folded with the bb open folding K7. Weeeeee. Next hand I have A9hh and jam again. Short stack calls and the bb snap calls. Short stack hand A3 and bb has KQ. River bricks out and all of a sudden in three hands I go from 9k to 60k and above average. Shortly after that we reached the final table.

At the start of the final table we took $5 off of each spot to pay 10th. I drew UTG. On the second hand a short stack shoved into my bb and had KK. I held vs his AQ and was now a bigger stack at the table. About a lap later I raised A10 to 10k at 2k/4k in ep and the bb called. Flop come 987 and the bb shoved for 22k. I called and saw 66. Turn 5 and I doubled him up. About 4 hands later the UTG shoves and I get KK on the button and call to see AQ. I hold again and I am back to where I started. We dropped two more players fairly fast and were 6 handed. We ended up working out an even chop for $261 each.

Monday results: +$200

Total profit: $763

After some living expenses I have about $660 profit left. I never did jump up in staked but I have been happy with the results. I have one more day of play on Wednesday (taking today off) before the family comes home and its back to normal life. Been a fun few days.

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