Saturday, July 17, 2010

1667% ROI

I am going to try it this weekend. Within 24 hours I am looking to turn $60 into $1k. I am going to start out in the 1/1 game and try and work my way all the way up to 5/10. If I bust along the way who care, I will only have $60 invested.

I am going to start out at Tampa Bay Downs and eventually move over to Derby Lane and meet-up with Gambit. By the end of the night I plan on being at the Hard Rock. Should be a fun little 24 hours.


  1. Good luck; let me know how that works out for you :-).

  2. Nice start Saturday, but you gotta give yourself > 24hrs, imo.

  3. Fatigue by the end of the night stopped me from going to Hard Rock. Plus maybe I would have had a chance if I actually moved up in limits too!

    Recap coming tomorrow.