Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Summer (or night) of George

Wow, this is actually my second Seinfeld reference on the log in the last three months. An old co-worker of mine used to say that you can reference everything in life to a Seinfeld or a Simpson's episode. So true.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and headed to the track. I brought $200 with me in the hopes of starting to build up the live roll again. The first buy-in was gone in a little over 1/2 hour. I was down to around $70 before I played Q5 from the blind for a free look. I flopped middle pair and improved to two pair on the turn. Unfortunately so did my opponent and buy-in #1 was down the drain and time to reload for another $100.

The second hundy lasted marginally longer. I decided to play a hand blind limping in MP and planning on lot looking until there was a bet in the hand. Flop comes AKx and its checked around. Still blind in the hand the turn is a Q. Checked to late position who bets $6 and everyone folds to me. I look down at 109 and decide to loosen the image a bit and call. River hits the 4 outer for me with the J. I pot to lead out for $15 and get a tank call. That's when the table fish chimes in talking about hitting the four outer, etc, whatever.

Very next hand the table fish is in the straddle for $4. I limp with QQ knowing with near certainty he is raising it up. after about 4 limpers he raises it up to $15 and it's up to me. I opt for the $100 shove and everyone else gets out of the way. He tanks and somehow finds a call with KJss. As I said in my twitter feed, do I even need to type what happens after that? Well, I will anyways. Clean flop K turn and I am walking out the door with nothing instead of having a little over my buy-in sitting in front of me. It just fucking blows playing on a short roll.

I can really keep it together when I am in a poker room or a casino. When I was one outed a couple months back I took it in stride. By the time I got back to the car it all came out. Sometimes you just gotta steam a bit. When I was sitting at home I was planning out my Summer of George. The reference was when George Costanza got a severance check from the Yankees and was gonna have a summer of fun. I was planning on blowing through the rest of the live roll (a whole $140) and the rest of the online roll or making one hell of a run.

I opted for taking the live roll to the Hard Rock after my son went to bed. I was going to stay until I went busto or run it up to $500. More to come this afternoon.....

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