Monday, May 10, 2010

Second Verse, Almost Like The First

I think I can say that the first go around playing the steps on Full Tilt was a smashing success for me. I was able to accumulate 4 step 4 tickets (still have 1 left). The 3 that I played I won 2 $750k seats good for T$216 each and lasted a single hand in a step 4. Right now I have around T$400 in the account.

The next thing I think I'm going to do is invest 10 buy-ins directly into the step 2's and try and build them into more step 4's. Where I go from there is kinda up in the air. I will most likely play $750k satellites till I hit one. After that I might try and build one up to a step 6 or I might try and satellite into the $1k WSOP qualifier with a step 4. If I were to hit that one it would be awfully tough for me to play it and pass up on T$1060. If I don't play one I guess I can't win a WSOP seat though.

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