Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Am Seinfeld

I swear to god I'm the fucking Jerry Seinfeld of poker. If I win big I turn around and lose bit. If I post a win I can virtually guarantee a loss next session. Yesterday I went to the horse track to get a cash game session in. Early on I dropped $40 so fast I don't even remember how I lost it. I topped back off to $100 and then proceeded to flop top set on an 863 rainbow board and ended up losing to the BB who had 97 when the 5 hit the turn. All of the money went in on the river. I had him on two pair. Obvious fail. After the hand I top off with the rest of my cash and raise to $10 after a couple of limpers with 1010 and get one caller. Flop 977 and he leads into me. I jam for my last $40 or so and see A7. Lost $200 in less than 30 minutes.

Late registration was still going in the $40 tournament so I played it. Might have been my best performance in a tournament in my life. there were 44 runners and when we got to the final table I had a whole 6bbs but based on my hands you would be shocked I would even be there. I had to run one 3-barrel bluff with air. My best hand before the final table was 99. I had no ace/face hands no other pairs above 55. Complete shit.

With 9 left at the final table I shoved 99 for 6bbs with no calls. Last hand before end of 500/1k level I got a free look in the BB with 105 four ways. Flop Q86 got checked through. Turn Q and I fired 2500 in the pot and took it down. Shortly after the break I called a raise with QJ and on the J high board a big stack put me in and I called. He had AQ and I held for the first double. When we were 7 handed it folded to me in the SB and I shoved 1010. BB called with A4. I flopped a 10 and got the double and crippled the BB. Next hand he posts 4k dark from the SB (playing 800/1600). Big stack raises to 4800 and I flat the button with JJ. SB is all in and the BB jams for 11k. Big stack tank folds and I call. I am up against K7 and 88. I hold and take em both out and we are in the money.

I took out 4th when I called a raise with K8ss and called his shove when the board came 8 high. He had AQ and I held. 3 handed I was the short stack but would be able to take a lead before I gave some back to the shorty and after the hand we looked at the stacks 95k(me)/90k/80k. We decided to chop it 3 ways for $305 each. After tip a $35 profit on the day.

I was really please with my play 3-handed. I held over my opponents big time. I was able to take almost every pot as the other two were waaaay to tight.

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