Monday, May 24, 2010

End of Steps and A Wild WSOP Plan

I ended up cashing out $200 and took the last $100 to play some more steps. I ended up buying in directly into a step 3 twice and had one win. I used the step 4 ticket to play a $750k satellite that gave away 3 seats and 4th got $111. I ended up finishing 5th. The same short stack got it in pre-flop twice dominated (A8 vs AQ and AQ vs AK). They flopped a pair to suckout both times. One other time on the bubble a short stack won a flip to stay alive. When I got my money in with AQ I lost to AK. With the rest of my $100 I registered for the rest of the PokerSlut Tour and some leftover cash for the Mookie this week.

I always come up with some great plans for WSOP time. I think I have come up with another winner. I will have enough for about 4 or 5 single table satellites. My goal is to work the balance up to $2k in lammers and come back and play the $2k mega-satellite. If I could win that I would play another one the next day. If I can hit two in a row I would play again. Three in a row I would go ahead and play the main event. Looooooooong shot to be sure but you have to have a dream, right? If I can get it up over $1k and not all the way to $2k I would come back and play in a $1k mega.

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