Friday, May 7, 2010

Steps Progress

Looks like I haven posted any progress in the last few days. Like I thought I would be way too tired for the Mookie Wednesday night since I ended up getting home around 2am late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. SCOOP sucked. I had my starting stack at the end of the first hour. In hour two I called a raise with KQ and rivered two pair on a K55XQ board. After calling the bet on the river I just knew I was going to see AA and my guess was correct. I lost half my stack there. The other half I lost right before the 2nd hour break.

Steps have been OK to me. I decided to play a satellite to the $750k to try and get something for the effort. The satellite only had 13 runners and paid 4 seats with 5th getting $33. Early on there was a player to by right raising every blind vs blind hand. I took a stand in the 2nd level and shipped 1010. He found a call with Q10 and I held to get an early double. We hit the final table shortly after that and I think I played a grand total of two hands there and won the seat and T$216.

Right now I have the following:

Step 4 - 2
Step 3 - 1

This weekend I am going to try and get that 3rd step 4 and the go ahead and play one and probably play a $750K satellite with one more and then start from the beginning to get more 4's. If all else fails near the end of the WSOP satellites I will either try and get to a step 5 and play a $216 sat the the main event or play a $75 to get into the $330 or the $1k WSOP satellite. Only time will tell but I like the progress so far.

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