Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vegas Day 1

Sitting in my hotel this morning trying to come up with a rallying strategy. Yesterday was by no means horrendous, but it could have been better. My flight landed at 11:15am and I busted a nut getting to the rental car shuttle (no checked baggage). When I got to the Dollar 'Express" counter I had to wait behind 5 people with ONE agent. 25 minutes later I was in my Ford Mustang (I said no to the ghey PT Cruiser) and going 80 down I15 to get to the Golden Nugget for the Noon $200 2-7 tournament.

I walked in to the Nugget at 12:15 or so and there was about 10 minutes gone on the clock. I registered and found out that I was only number 20 to get in. I was the 4th to sit at a new table and the cards when in the air right away. 12k in chips to start and 40 minute levels. Blinds started 25/50 and doubled until we got to 150/300. Very decent structure but in a limit tournament its just too much. I would have been happy to start at 100/200. After late registration was over there were a total of 27 runners and only the top 3 would be paid. IF I knew it would be that small I think I would have passed on the tourney.

At the first break I had somewhere around 10.5k. Myself and three others from my table walked over to Mermaid's and got the $0.99 hot dogs. Pretty good actually. In levels 4-6 I could not win back to back hands. Win one lose one. At the end of level 6 I had worked my stack up to 17.5k. We had only lost 3 people by the break. Level 7 was the disaster. Starting the level with 400/800 blinds I had 22 bbs. I proceeded to go bust with 5 minutes left in the level. Moose cock for me bro. A total of 5 times in the event I was holding an 86 or an 85 and lost to 7's. When that happens there is just no way you can win. My last hand was 7532 vs an opponent who drew 4. Yeah, I lost.

After the tournament I walked over to Binions to see how CK was doing. They were just going on the first break and I got to meet TJ and Drizz. It was easy to know who TJ was based on the accent. I didn't even have to ask. Drizz was wearing a Joe Mauer jersey. Turns out he is from Minny. I talked to him for a bit before I headed out the meet Dan (wvapoker). BTW, congrats to CK and Drizz for their final tables in the O8 event.

I met wva at Planet Ho for their 7pm tournament. I think I lasted about 25 minutes and wva lasted just after the break. While waiting to wva I played some 2/4 and lost $29. At least I won $4 from my free $5 in slot play. Woot!

After the Ho we drove over to the Rio to sweat the 50k HORSE and watch some other events. We also watched some of the 6max going on. The 6max was interesting to watch. One really interesting hand we saw was AQ vs A10 on a AQ10 flop. All the chips go in and the 10 ball hits the river. Dude who won screamed like there was no tomorrow. Shannon Shorr was at the table and he put it perfectly

"Omg the mark at the table just laid a dirty one to bust gboro and gives the single loudest celebratory yell I've ever witnessed."

Dirty to say the least. I also saw Gene Todd walk by after he busted when his KK ran into AA again. Moose cock for him too. I also railed Jamie Pickering's table for a bit as well. After watching for a bit I dropped wva off at Mandalay and when I got back to Harrahs I walked over to Venetian and registered for the tourney today. GLGL me. Run goot one time plz.

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